What is yummbuddy? | why it is getting so popular

Yummbuddy is a mobile application where you can connect with people who share similar interests and food cravings. On Yummbuddy, users can create multiple hotspots, much like creating groups on Facebook. In simpler terms, a hotspot is a gathering of people who share their food experiences, stories, and much more through photos and videos.

You might wonder why you should download another application when you can already share pictures on Instagram. To address this question, Yummbuddy isn’t solely about sharing experiences. Here, you can join hotspots in your vicinity and discover the best local food choices, such as small stalls offering gol gappe, momos, chaap, and more. While you can find reviews of prominent restaurants on platforms like Google, Zomato, or Swiggy, no one recommends the finest local delights in your very own neighborhood. This is where Yummbuddy comes in – your ultimate food guide right in your pocket.

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